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An absolutely STUNNING Blue Bar Ambilobe breeder for us here at Amboa! How do you not love this handsome fellow?!

Ryuu is from Kammerflages "Ihany-drako (AKA My Friend)" x "Hay-vao" (AKA Novel) - Hatched June 2020

Good looks run in the family!
It's really no wonder that Ryuu ended up so gorgeous and blue. He comes from a family that is known for their beautiful blue bars!!  Just take a look at Ryuu's sire, Ihany-drako (AKA My Friend) from Kammerflage.

And Ryuu's grandfather, "Ampiosongo-fantatra (AKA Also Known As)"

#KK_MyFriendBaby ..  #KK_AlsoKnownAsGrandBaby  ..  #TeamAmboa  ..  #AmboaFamily



Viserion is another BEAUTIFUL Blue Bar Ambilobe breeder that we received from Kaz Chameleons! 

Viserionion is from Kaz Chameleon's Rambo x Skittles (Dam's sire)  - Hatched August 2019

Viserion's sire Rambo

Viserion's dams sire Skittle: 


#Viserion  ..  #TeamAmboa  ..  #AmboaFamily


Patch is from iPardalis and was Jonathan Hill's favorite female from Jude and Kako’s first clutch, hatched 6/5/19. Her line is an extremely strong yellow body blue bar Ambilobe group, and we are lucky to be passing on her strong genes!

Patch's sire Jude

#Patch  ..  #TeamAmboa  ..  #AmboaFamily

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